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Bankruptcy Services For A Fresh Financial Start

The process of filing a personal or business bankruptcy can be stressful and confusing. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may have questions and concerns about the different types of bankruptcies as well as bankruptcy laws. Because of this, retaining an experienced bankruptcy services attorney may be in your best interests. Here are some things your bankruptcy attorney can assist you with to help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible so that you can enjoy a more promising financial future 

Bankruptcy Counseling

Your bankruptcy services attorney can provide bankruptcy counseling to help you differentiate between the different types of bankruptcies including Chapter 11, Chapter, 13, and Chapter 7. During your counseling sessions, you may learn which type of bankruptcy is best suited for businesses, and which one is more suitable for you if you want to keep your home. Your lawyer will also help you determine if you meet the legal requirements for the different types of bankruptcies and will help you complete the legal paperwork that is involved in the filing process.

Filing Process

Your bankruptcy services attorney will make court appearances for you on your behalf. They will also assist you in filing your petition and make sure that your legal rights are not being infringed upon. In addition, your bankruptcy lawyer will also help ensure that you are granted an automatic stay. Once an automatic stay has been granted, your creditors will need to stop taking any action in their attempts to collect payment for your debts.

If you are still receiving phone calls or other communications from your creditors after your automatic stay has been implemented, your bankruptcy services attorney may ask that you let them know. Once your creditors stop calling and sending letters, you may have more peace of mind and sleep better at night. In addition, many bankruptcy lawyers offer low or no-cost filing and will arrange a convenient payment plan so that you can pay your attorney fees a little at a time instead of the entire upfront payment.

If you are struggling with debt and seeking a way to improve your financial situation, contact a bankruptcy services attorney for a phone consultation. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can address your concerns and offer you guidance so that you can look forward to a fresh start and a debt-free future. 

Contact a local bankruptcy law service to learn more.