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Why Tankers Containing Ethanol Are Incredibly Dangerous

Ethanol is a useful product that is used for a variety of purposes such as in the creation of alcoholic drinks and the powering of vehicles. The product needs to be transported from one location to another so it can be sold and so that it can be used as fuel. However, when the driver of the tanker is reckless and causes an accident, this can be catastrophic for everyone else involved.

It's a Fire Hazard

One of the problems with ethanol is that it is a hazardous material. Usually, the tank is not completely filled with biofuel, which makes it dangerous. However, even when it is made with pure ethanol, it can be considered dangerous when it is exposed to open flames, electrical wiring, or some other heat source.

Some Truck Drivers are Reckless

While tanker trucks are very dangerous, the drivers who operate these trucks are unfortunately very reckless and often cause accidents. Some drivers operate their vehicles for long hours and become exhausted. Other drivers abuse drugs and alcohol or are simply inexperienced when it comes to operating a tanker truck. 

For the truck to be safe, the driver must not make:

  • Sudden turns
  • Sudden stops
  • Swerves and other actions that can cause rollovers

The truck needs to be sealed adequately and the driver must be trained on how to properly handle hazardous materials. Otherwise, the diesel truck might spill fuel even if there is no accident, and this can lead to a fire hazard.

Ethanol Is Hazardous to Your Health

Even if no fire occurs, diesel fuel can cause other health hazards. Inhaling diesel can lead to headaches and difficulty breathing. Eye exposure to ethanol can lead to eye irritation. Long-term exposure can have more serious effects.

Hold the Truck Driver Accountable

Because of how harmful exposure to ethanol can be, it's important to hold a truck driver accountable after an accident involving a tanker transporting ethanol. Because of the destruction that these vehicles can cause, the trucks are often insured to a much greater extent than what you would find with a passenger vehicle. Therefore, you might be entitled to compensation for a substantial sum of money because of the higher policy limit.

A truck accident lawyer will help you prove fault and will then try to obtain the full policy limit. This means that you will receive full compensation for the damages you have suffered and will have the funds necessary to pay for all your medical bills.