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When Is The Best Time To Get A Landlord Lawyer?

Becoming a landlord is a reliable way to attain financial freedom as you will be sure of getting extra income every other month for decades. Even your children can benefit if the property is maintained well. However, such an investment can also breed opportunities for issues with tenants. Some tenants aren't good at following the simple guidelines or might be a nuisance to other tenants. Working with a landlord lawyer can help you fix most of the issues you face when dealing with tenants and ensure they have a happy stay too. The lawyer knows the landlord law that applies to different situations like tenants failing to pay the rent, causing damage to the property, or refusing to leave the property. Here are the top instances you should consider getting a landlord attorney.

If You Need to Draft Leases

Before you allow tenants to stay in or work from your commercial building, it's vital to ask them to sign a lease agreement document. This document helps them understand the terms of the lease and the effects of ignoring the rules or regulations. Getting a lawyer to draft or look over your agreement is vital as they will ensure you are protected in the future. If you have made mistakes, they'll correct them and even revise them when new issues arise.

If You Need to Evict a Tenant

Evictions are very complex, particularly if the tenant has declared themselves bankrupt, they are fighting eviction with a lawyer, or the tenant is an employee you have fired. Regardless of the circumstances, you're expected to follow the proper procedures, which could be difficult if you don't know the law. If you make mistakes, your tenant will win the eviction lawsuit, which will affect your business and reputation. Therefore, it's better to work with a lawyer every time you have trouble evicting a tenant.

If You Are Sued for Injuries, Illnesses, or Property Damage

Whenever a guest or tenant gets sick or hurt because you haven't provided a favorable environment for their stay, they'll likely sue you for illness or injury. Such cases are high stakes, and you shouldn't try to handle them on your own. Lawyers are better equipped for this job and will confront the tenant and investigate to verify if their claim is valid. If you have liability coverage, your insurer can provide an attorney to defend you against the claims. The attorney will also come in handy if you are sued for property damage. Maybe the leaky roof you didn't repair has finally damaged your tenant's property, and they need compensation.

Being a landlord comes with unique responsibilities, so you need to ensure you can handle them. A landlord lawyer can help make things easier, especially when it comes to dealing with tenant issues.

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