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Understanding the Accident Police Report

When you are in a car accident, it is smart to call the police to cover it. You can receive a report that will discuss what happened in detail. A police report may not necessarily be used in your personal injury case, but it can help you and your attorney establish fault for the accident and help you determine who to file a claim against if you are injured. Read on to learn more about police reports.

What Does a Police Report Include?

The police report will include the names and basic contact information of everybody involved, including drivers and passengers. It will include information about the vehicles and objects involved and take note of the car insurance coverage of the drivers.

The police report should also note additional details you might not consider when you take your own notes. This includes weather, road conditions, proximity to traffic signals, nearby signs, and more. This may include a diagram or drawing of the scene to demonstrate exactly what happened.

Police officers will also discuss the case with those involved and gather statements. These statements will be recorded and may be quoted in a court case. It will also take witnesses into account, which is important if you take your case to court.

What If the Police Report Is Wrong?

A lot of people worry that the police report may not be completely accurate or may not tell the whole story. After all, police officers do make mistakes. Some errors you might notice could be factual. This could include the misspelling of information, a transposition in a driver's license number, or the incorrect vehicle model listed.

Sometimes the description of the accident might even be factually inaccurate. You may be able to correct these errors with proof of the correct information. In some cases, the police officer might have written down something you said incorrectly. For instance, they could have written the wrong symptoms you experienced or omitted some of them altogether.

Sometimes the facts might simply be disputed. This might be something you simply disagree with, so you may not be able to correct the record. You may need to correct this by bringing evidence to the court with you.

Consult with an Attorney

It is important to speak with an attorney about the police report. If you intend to follow through with a personal injury case, understanding the information on the police report is important. Contact firms like Bennett  Law Firm PC to learn more about your legal options.