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The Real Meaning Of "Winning" A Divorce

You have probably heard about the dangers of winning a divorce — in the literal meaning of the word "winning." Trying to win a divorce by getting everything and leaving your spouse in the cold will end up hurting both of you. You will lose money, time, and your relationship with your spouse. Below are the four things to do if you want to win your divorce in a good way.

Keep It Short

A divorce can affect you in three main ways:

  • It can affect your relationship with your family members (including children) and friends
  • It can deplete your financial resources
  • It can damage your emotional health 

All of these effects reduce if you keep your divorce short. The sooner you get your divorce settlement, the sooner you can start to rebuild your post-divorce life. According to the legal site, the following tips can help you get a quick divorce:

  • Opt for an uncontested divorce
  • File a no-fault divorce
  • File your divorce in a state with a short mandatory separation period

Consult an attorney for more ways of keeping your divorce process short.

Keep It Cheap

An expensive divorce depletes the marital resources that you would rather save and use in your post-divorce life. Keep your divorce as cheap as possible and save the money for other uses. According to, a divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars with contested issues.

Use the following tips to keep your divorce cheap and save most of that money:

  • Be utterly honest with your partner and don't hide resources or documents
  • Don't argue over trivial stuff
  • Try alternative forms of divorce, such as mediation and collaboration
  • Don't insist on the most expensive lawyer you can find
  • Use your divorce lawyer for legal issues only

You can also draw a budget for your divorce. Knowing how much your divorce can cost will help you trim away unnecessary expenses.

Keep It Fair

Lastly, you can end up hurting each other emotionally and financially if you decide to be unfair to each other. Some of the ways divorcing couples may be unfair include:

  • Insisting on a bigger share of the marital assets than they deserve
  • Lying about their marital life so they can get an edge during crucial negotiations, such as child support negotiations
  • Hiding assets to deny their spouses some resources

Unfortunately, unfair divorce tactics will delay the divorce process. You will also be hurting your partner. Depending on your spouse's personality, they might also decide to retaliate — making the fight even uglier. No real winner will emerge from such a fight.

To learn more about divorcing your spouse fairly, contact a divorce lawyer in your area.