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Pro Se? No Way! 3 Reasons To Work With An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be an expensive and emotional process. The family dynamic changes and each spouse must learn to support him or herself on a single income. Access to extra cash can be limited during a divorce.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse are ending the marriage on good terms, you may be tempted to forego the expense of a divorce attorney and represent yourself in court. Making the decision to go pro se for a divorce could have a negative impact on your future.

1. Objective Advice

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster. This makes it difficult for the parties involved to view their divorce case objectively. An attorney is there to offer you objective advice regarding your unique circumstances.

You might be tempted to give in to your spouse's requests for reduced alimony or child support so that you don't create an argument, but an attorney will let you know when certain decisions are not in your best interest.

The choices that you make during a divorce filing will affect your financial and family situation for the foreseeable future, so objective advice is critical.

2. Timely Filing

You would be surprised at the amount of paperwork required to legally end a marriage. The initial filing, subsequent pleadings, and evidence that will be submitted to the court can begin to pile up. There are also strict filing deadlines for many of these documents. Failing to meet a deadline could result in your divorce case being thrown out.

An attorney will have experience managing the paperwork associated with a divorce. He or she will have staff members that track your case through each stage of the divorce process to ensure no filing dates are missed. This streamlines your divorce and helps reduce the amount of time required to reach a settlement with your spouse.

3. Knowledge of Possible Outcomes

Perhaps the most important reason to work with an experienced divorce attorney is to ensure that you are prepared for all possible outcomes in your case. There are many variables that can affect a divorce case. These include the judge assigned to the case, the lawyer your spouse has hired, and current trends in family law.

An attorney who specializes in divorces will have in-depth knowledge of cases similar to yours. This allows your attorney to advise you of all possible outcomes so that you can take a course of action that will be most favorable. For more information, reach out to divorce lawyers like those at Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC.