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Pros and Cons of Honking Your Horn Before a Car Accident

There's often a collection of sounds that are evident immediately before the disheartening sound of metal on metal that occurs in a car accident. Squealing tires are often present, as is one or more vehicles honking its horn. Some people gravitate toward frequently using the horn in all sorts of scenarios, while others rarely touch it. If you're an avid horn user, you might instinctively press it immediately before a car accident. Here are some pros and cons of sounding your horn during an accident. 

Pro: It Might Attract Witnesses

In a car accident legal case, witnesses who can support your claims about what you were doing and what the other driver was doing can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, people are often so immersed in what they're doing—staring at a smartphone screen while standing at the bus stop, for example—that it can sometimes be difficult to find witnesses. If you honk before the accident, there's a chance that some people may have looked up and saw the collision.

Con: You Could Have to Justify It

Lots of motorists can honk their horns quickly and easily, but if you honk immediately before you get into an accident, you may have to answer for it. Whether you're in a discovery session with the other driver's legal representation or you've actually gone to court, an attorney may suggest that you were so busy honking that you weren't focused on evading the accident. The attorney could put some or all of the blame on you because of your honking—an allegation that your own attorney will need to fight.

Pro: It May Suggest Innocence

Generally, motorists who honk are upset about another driver's behavior. For example, someone who is speeding and weaving through cars is likely to get honked at, rather than be honking himself or herself. Honking your horn could suggest that you were displeased about the other driver's actions—and your attorney will argue that this was indeed the case because you saw the other driver moving in a dangerous manner.

Con: It Could Intensify the Scene

Few drivers enjoy being honked at, and honking your horn immediately before an accident could increase the intensity of the scene. For example, the other motorist could feel as though you're being aggressive toward him or her, which can make the post-collision exchange of information more difficult.

Regardless of whether you've honked or kept silent before an accident, contact a car accident law firm like Bennett  Law Firm PC.