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Did Your Husband Cheat On You With Your Sister? Divorce May Be The Answer

Happily married couples usually spend a lot of time together and don't have time for infidelity. However, your husband somehow found the time to hook up with your sister, and you are devastated. Can your marriage be saved and is it worth it for your mental health's sake?

Infidelity Destroys Trust

Any good relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust. When you married your husband, you put your faith in him sticking by you and loving only you. Unfortunately, infidelity can happen in any marriage, even those that are happy.

And this betrayal of trust most often occurs with somebody who you are both close to as people. Sadly, this may mean that your husband's infidelity finds its form in somebody you trust, such as your sister. When it happens, your faith and dedication are going to be put to an intense test.

Saving A Marriage Requires Intense Dedication

Any infidelity is a serious betrayal, but a husband who cheats with their wife's sister is taking things too far. They are bringing her family into it and not only ruining his relationship with his wife but his wife's relationship with his sister. As a result, getting over this kind of infidelity in a marriage will require an intensive and concentrated approach.

It may require a temporary separation that allows the two of you to think through the situation. It may even require marriage and family counseling. There may be reasons that this situation happened and talking to your sister and husband can help to break through the issues surrounding it and, potentially, save your marriage. But is it worth it?

Divorce May Be Your Only Choice

Fighting through the issues caused by infidelity may be possible if you and your husband are willing to fight for it. However, the fact that he chose your sister is going to make it nearly impossible. That kind of betrayal will put you in a doubly difficult situation. You are going to not only have to forgive him but also find a way to save your relationship with your sister.

That kind of strain is often too much for a woman to handle. You may be able to save both of your relationships if your hubby and sister are willing to ask for forgiveness but you may deserve a clean break. Divorce after this kind of infidelity is often the best way to achieve that goal. Even if you love your husband, there is a chance that his betrayal is simply too intense to forgive.

Unfortunately, there is no family divorce you can use if you want to cut ties with your sister. Instead, you'll simply have to stop talking to her while you leave your husband and work to get on with your life. And if they get together after you leave him, you can know that you made the right choice by cutting those two out of your life for good.

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