Online Piracy and Why It’s Illegal

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Lawsuit?

Sometimes legal action is inevitable, especially if someone has hurt you or committed a crime against you. However, the stress, discomfort, and anger which may have led you to start the ball rolling on a legal claim can also sabotage the entire thing. Along the way, ask yourself if you're actually sabotaging yourself in these ways:

Telling Everyone

It's natural you'd want to commiserate and share the entire story with those you know. You may hope for support and an affirmation that what you're going through is serious and that you're doing the right thing. Talking so much isn't always the best thing to do, however. People could also talk, and various details you've shared could make their way to your opponent and their legal team.

The compulsions to share every single step of the lawsuit can be most dangerous online. Posting to a popular site is not quite the same as shouting in the middle of the street; in fact, because you can do it sitting on the couch inside your house, it might feel as if the information isn't really going anywhere at all.

Unfortunately, investigators contracted by the other person's legal counselor know that people love to talk online. They are probably lurking and searching for online details, posts, and pictures that you're innocently sharing. While complete avoidance of the internet may be unreasonable, avoid any talk of your current legal woes.

Contacting the Other Side

You might directly contact the opposition if only to vent or try to find alternate solutions to the problems you're having. This is an ill-advised move. Anger and frustrations can erupt and transform an already acrimonious situation into one that is much more awful. What started as a clear-headed overture could deteriorate into additional criminal charges or additional medical costs that need to be litigated. Contact with anyone except your lawyer isn't smart.

This also goes for speaking to people who could be considered witnesses. You may do some sleuthing on your own to figure out what they'll say to lawyers and investigators, but it might be viewed as tampering or collusion. Let your criminal and personal injury attorney worry about contacting witnesses for your case.

The actions here can sabotage the work you're trying to do, so avoid them. Your lawyer should have other directions for you as the situation continues. Listen to them and allow them to guide you until the lawsuit has been adjudicated.