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You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Even When You Are Not At Fault

Some people mistakenly think that when they are not considered at fault in an accident, they will have no need for representation should the accident go to court. That is not always the case. Many times, innocent victims of motorcycle accidents end up paying fines and getting tickets on their record even when they did nothing to deserve such demerits. If you have been in an accident on your bike, then you need a motorcycle accident attorney to help you in the following ways.

Gather Evidence

The best way for you to prove your innocence in a court of law is to have some good evidence supporting your stance. A good motorcycle accident attorney will be familiar with the way the legal world works. This knowledge will help them to know all the right pieces of evidence to be looking for. Some of the things they might consider are as follows:

  • Pictures: Pictures of the injuries, the bike, the scene of the accident, and other such images can all help to paint a picture of what actually happened.
  • Witness Statements: When it is you against the world, things can be daunting. Having some other witnesses stating things happened the way you claim can be a huge help.
  • Medical Documents: Details about any injuries that occurred can also help show how things went down at the incident.
  • Driving Records: If you have a sparkly clean driving record, it can help verify your statements. 

Work with Insurance Companies

After an accident, you will likely need some help from the insurance policy you have been paying into for years. Sadly, these companies are not always willing to handle such transactions in a fair and/or prompt manner. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can work with these companies and get you the settlement you deserve in a timely manner.

Explain Your Rights

As a victim of the actions of someone else, you have some important rights guaranteed you by the laws of the land. Many people do not fully comprehend or even know all of these rights, and therefore, do not take full advantage of them. A good motorcycle accident attorney will be able to explain all of your rights, and will help you in getting them to work for you.

Expedite the Process

The last thing you want when dealing with the aftermath of this kind of situation is to have it linger for a long time after the fact. When you try to navigate the legal system on your own, it could take months before you see any kind of resolution, and it might not be the resolution that is fair for you. Working with a motorcycle accident attorney will help things to move along faster, and will ensure you are not held accountable for anything you did not actually do.