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Workers Compensation Denied: What A Lawyer Can Do For You

Did you request workers compensation benefits from your employer until you recover from a work-related injury and get denied? Don't get stressed about getting into a financial bind while you recover, because a lawyer can help you get the money that you need. Find out below how a lawyer can help you get paid in a timely manner and the amount of money that he or she might charge for assisting with the case.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Getting Workers Compensation Benefits Fast?

To begin working on your case, you must explain to the lawyer how the injury occurred. Knowing how you were injured will allow the lawyer to prepare for a court battle in case your employer contests the incident based on you not operating machinery the right way. Your lawyer will also ask if there are any guidelines that you were supposed to follow when operating the machinery that caused the injury.

The next step after the initial consultation will be gathering evidence to prove that you deserve workers compensation benefits. Your lawyer will need proof that you were injured by machinery at work, as well as documents to prove that you were treated on the day that you were injured. It is also necessary to give your lawyer a copy of the treatment plan that your physician set for you during the recovery process. Getting a signed document from your physician should be good enough to prove how long you are expected to be treated.

To speed the case up, the lawyer will ask your employer to attend mediation. The best way to get a work-related injury settled fast is by handling the process outside of court. Your lawyer can present all of the evidence on your behalf at the mediation session, which may result in your employer overturning the workers compensation benefits denial on the same day so you can start getting paid. If there is still conflict after mediation, your lawyer will finish the case in court.

How Much of the Money Won in an Injury Case Goes to the Lawyer?

Each state has their own set of regulations that determines how much money a lawyer can charge for handling a workers compensation benefits case. However, you can expect to pay your lawyer a percentage of the money won that is estimated at 20%. Lawyers working on a contingency basis are not likely to request any money if you don't get paid. Contact an injury lawyer, such as those at Kirkpatrick & Zeitz, so he or she can help you as soon as possible!