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5 Ways To Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Your Case

If you have been accused of a crime, you want to be sure that you do all you can to prove your innocence. The best way to do this is to hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you. However, it doesn't stop there on your part. Just because you have a criminal defense attorney on your side doesn't mean that you don't need to help in any way. Here are five ways that you can help your criminal defense attorney defend your case:

  1. Let Your Attorney Know Your Goal: Your attorney is going to want to ensure that you end up reaching the ultimate goal that you have in mind. If you want to fight to prove your innocence all the way, then you probably aren't going to want your attorney to push you to accept a plea bargain and they will be sure that they do all they can to avoid this. You just need to let them know what you are willing to do and what you aren't. 
  2. Be Completely Honest: Many people think that they can't tell their lawyer everything, just like they can't tell the police. However, you have the right to attorney-client privilege, which means that your attorney will not disclose any information that you give them unless you give a statement that suggests you will inflict harm onto another person. By being completely honest, you are helping your attorney to find the best possible way to fight your case based on all the information that they know about it from your point of view. 
  3. Be on Time: In order for your criminal defense attorney to look good, you want to be on time to every court hearing and other legal procedure that takes place. If you show up late, it reflects badly on your attorney, thus making it more difficult to fight for you. 
  4. Provide the Attorney With All Documents Asked For: If your attorney asks for any documents, bill statements, and more, you must be sure that you retrieve those documents in an ample amount of time. This is going to help your attorney move onto the next step of fighting your case quickly. The more information that they have, then the more leverage that they have to prove your innocence. 
  5. Follow Your Attorney's Advice: Even if you disagree with your attorney, you must always follow their advice. After all, they are the ones who have an advanced background in criminal cases, which means that they have the upper hand in knowing how to best deal with it. When you are faced with a criminal charge, after all, it is not in your best interest to go against the only person who is defending you in court. 

Knowing how you can help your criminal defense attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that you are well on your way to avoiding criminal charges put against you. Contact a local attorney, like Jeffrey D. Larson, Attorney at Law, with further questions.