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You Never Know Who's Looking - Divorce Settlements And Watching Out For Social Media

If you are going through a divorce, it is important that you play your cards close to your chest during your court proceedings. If you post things on your social media account that just fuels the fire, you will open up criticism from your ex-spouse and their lawyer. Here are four things you should never post on social media in the middle of a divorce

1. Lavishly Spending Money if You Say You're Broke

If you state that you are in financial trouble in order to lower child support or alimony, flaunting any purchases on social media is a bad idea. If you are trying to show that you aren't made of money, this isn't a time to splurge on a purchase or trip and brag about it.

2. Talking Poorly About Your Spouse

You might be frustrated with your ex-spouse, but talking poorly about them on social media is a big no-no. Even if you quickly delete the comment, if anyone takes a screenshot, it can be shown in court. You will come off as juvenile and disrespectful and this won't get you any favors with the court. This can unravel the work your divorce attorney has done to build your case.

3. Getting Caught in White Lies

If you are working late or are on a business trip, backing out of your childcare arrangements needs to be considered carefully. If your work trip bleeds into vacation or working late goes into happy hour, make sure this doesn't end up on social media. You will be giving your spouse a tangible example of why you shouldn't have joint custody of the children. Don't hurt your chances of custody by getting caught in even a half lie.

4. Activities With Your New Significant Other

Don't flaunt on social media that you have quickly moved on. Not only is this insensitive to your ex-spouse, this will show the courts that you aren't taking your divorce seriously or were negligent during the process. If you have moved on, keep it to yourself. Don't make this official on social media until your divorce is finalized.

It can be easy to get frustrated during a divorce, but you need to make sure that you fly beneath the radar and are as professional as possible. If you have any fodder that can be misconstrued on social media, this can be used against you. Focus on building your case with your divorce attorney and don't allow your ex-spouse to turn anything around on you based on social media. For more information on this and other divorce related issues, contact a professional like the Law Offices of Gordon Liebmann.